Starcraft 2 final between TY and Zest

On Sunday morning I watched a final of Starcraft 2 GSL Code S (or Saturday night as it was 17 South Korean time which equates to 4 am EST).

It was between Terran player called TY and Protoss player called Zest. They were both native – which means they were Korean.

Zest was viewed as a favorite but I rooted for TY because I am also a Terran player 🙂

Following is a detailed description of what happened each map:

1: Dusk Towers:
It was a very fast paced match. First TY tried to attack with 2 marines and 2 hellions but that achieved little. Zest dropped 3 stalkers and an adept.

Throughout the game TY continuously tried to snipe down the 4rth which he achieved. At the end Zest ended up with no money and less supply and lost.

2: Orbital Shipyard
It was a very quick game. Commentators called it a technical bust.
TY attacked with a reaper and 2 hellions and killed 5 probes.
Zest counterattacked with war prism and dropped units in front of zests base. It was stalkers and adepts which started to poke at the depots.
TY was split and then zest sent Dark Templars inside the base and TY run out of scans and lost.

3: Prion Terraces

TY went for a thor drop. Zest was ready for it and preemptively attacked with stalkers with blink. Zest had 3 bases and TY 2. TY went for an all-in attack with the remaining units and lost.

4: Sky Shields
TY early Engineering Bay blocked Zest.
Ty got mines to harass and a raven kill observers.
Eventually both attacked each other and went for a base trade.
Ty destroyed zests tech but zest had a larger army on the TY’s side of the map.
Zest built a new nexus but TY slowly attacked with bio and liberators, while mining on the other side of the map and Zest eventually gave up.

5: Rak’Shir
Ty mineral blocked Zest.
Zest went for blink stalkers and 3 bases.
TY went for marine tank combination staying on 2 bases.
Final battle occurred and Zest got a nice concave on attacking TY and TY resigned.

6: Lerilak Crest
Zest went for oracles.
Ty was not completely ready. Additionally TY built a second factory by mistake.
Zest attacked and made TY abandon his expansion.
TY dropped and unpowered the Robotics bay.
In spite of TY successful harras Zest was still on 3 bases and TY on one. Eventually Zest just overpowered TY at the end.

It was one of the most interesting matches I ever saw in Starcraft. It was full of action and original (or rather old going back to Wings of Liberty) play. Even though I rooted for TY often I felt that I would have done something different but our experience is uncomparable – he plays since he’s 12, he grew up with Starcraft.

On another note I think Protoss is OP, which means overpowered, or too strong. Today I played a TvP and I killed like 13 probes with my mine drops and the opponent was playing rather slowly. Out of sudden he just flew with about 15 adepts into my natural and tried to get into my main. I raised depots so he stayed in my natural where my bio was. In spite of having many units and more ones producing still I lost the bio and eventually the game.

Most pros build a siege tank or two. It seems a standard now in pro games. I will probably transition into that but that may take some time.

I going to write again

Long time has passed since I’ve published a post on my blog. One of the reasons was that I did not know what to focus on.

I’m interested in many things and originally, when I started my blog about 10 years ago I wrote about everything.

But then, under influence of widely understood marketing, I came under impression that a blog, like any other product, has for focus on a specific topic and appeal to a specific target group.

Last few years I was busy with school, but in meantime I was wandering what should my blog be about, or should it even exist at all. Or perhaps I should stop writing my blog under my own domain and instead start a blog on a specific interest of mine, whether it would be politics or anything else. The title and the address of such a blog would follow accordingly.

But a few days ago I thought ‘shit, I don’t care’. As a result of that I am going to continue or rather restart the blog which will be about everything and nothing. I don’t need to be a product and so my blog does not.

So, behold, this is a first post of many that are going to follow. The topics will range from my personal experiences at the time, Polish, European, American and world politics, my present interests, that often quickly fade away, or general thoughts.

Stay tuned!